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    Hi! I'm Beth Baisley.

    My lifelong passion for dog training started with my family's Shi Tzu, Captain, in 4-H, where I competed in county and state fairs. I acquired my first dog, Ekko, who challenged and helped me grow to be the person I am today.


    I currently own two Belgian Malinois, Ekko and Rhys, that I compete within French Ring. French Ring is a sport that contains a mix of personal protection, agility, and high-level obedience.


    I started Canine Ownership to help people achieve a better life with their dogs. My objective is to help people strengthen their human-canine bond through obedience.


    I believe dogs are a gift; they come into our lives and teach us something about ourselves.


    Our goal will be to establish pack order by creating a calm dog through training regardless of the environment.

  • Services Offered By Canine Ownership From Beth Baisley

    E-Collar Training

    Take your training a step further by learning how to add in E-Collar work. We will put together a specialized plan for your pup to help you succeed.


    Benefits of utilizing an E-Collar:

    - off-leash reliability

    - communicate with your dog

    - perfect obedience

    Learn To Walk Your Dog - $60

    This package includes one 45 minute walking session and will be held at your house or local park. Experience the pleasure of owning a dog who walks politely by your side. We recommend 2-3 lessons to learn the skills required to handle your dog.

    Walk With Distractions - $260

    This package includes four 45 minute lessons with you and your dog. You will learn how to handle them around real-life distractions. The first lesson will be done around your neighborhood. We will visit a park, a dog-friendly store, and a busy sidewalk to build confidence in you and your dog.

  • Walk And Train Packages

    Dog walking that’s different. Dogs are walked by Canine Ownership. Schedule walks to help supplement training, midday exercise and fulfill your canine's needs. We focus on building your dog's social skills, manners, basic obedience, and loose leash walking. It's not just about exercising your dog but furthering their skillset and teaching them how to be a polite canine citizen.

    Try It Out - $75 for 2 sessions

    This package includes two half-hour walking sessions that can be done both in one week or back to back weeks. Trainer walks the dog in the vicinity of the client's house both times.

    Weekly Walking - $260 for 8 sessions

    This package includes eight half-hour sessions that can be done at the owner's discretion. We recommend twice a week or once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Trainer walks the dog around the client's house all eight times.

    Adventure Walks - $300 for 6 sessions

    This package includes six half-hour working sessions. It focuses on your dog's obedience skills and polite manners to walk in stores, on sidewalks, and trails away from their home. First session is done at the client's house. Does not include training owners, only dogs. Videos will be sent of progress.

    Following Walk and Trains, we recommend privates to keep you up to date on new skills your dog has learned. After each walk and train package privates are $60 for a 45min lesson.