• Class Descriptions

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    We Offer Both Group Classes As Well As Private, One-On-One Classes.

    Need Help With A Specific Behavior You Are Having Trouble With?

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    Below Are Some Of The Classes That We Offer:

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    Private One-On-One Sessions

    Do you need help with a specific behavior? Are you having trouble walking your dog or getting your dog to listen under distractions? These one-on-one sessions are the right fit for you!


    Facility Package: $170, $80 per session thereafter


    In-Home Package: $210, $95 per session thereafter

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    Meet And Greet Assessment - $50

    Not sure if your dog is ready or able to be in a group class? Schedule a short 30-minute session. In this, you will meet a trainer and learn a couple of training exercises that will get you ready to have success in a group setting.


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    Level One - Basic Obedience Class - $175

    In this class, you will use positive reward-based training to master sit, down, stay, loose-leash heeling, recall (dog comes when called), hand signals, and more! Level One Classes are one hour long and held for seven consecutive weeks - available Monday and Thursday evenings, Tuesday afternoons, and Saturday mornings.

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    Level Two - Advanced Obedience Class - $175

    In this class, we'll enhance your dog's skills by introducing greater distraction levels, outside training time (weather permitting,) Rally exercises (call fronts, finishes, serpentines, and weaves), and some Canine Good Citizen exercises. Level Two Classes are one hour long and held for seven consecutive weeks - available on Tuesday nights, Wednesday afternoons, and Saturday mornings.


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    Perfect Your Skills Level Three Obedience Class - $120

    This class is for our advanced clients. It costs $120 and is held for four consecutive weeks. Each session is 45 minutes long. It requires you to be able to have your dog staying with you and eager to work. We work on pedestal and platform work, off-leash work, stays, and positional change all while having fun in a relaxed environment.

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    Confidence Building With Tricks and Boundaries - $175

    In this class, you will go to the next level, furthering the bond with your canine. Come have fun and teach your dog how to love going through tunnels, weaves, and jumps. Have them run out and touch something and be eager to listen for the "paws up" command while learning to build confidence on uneven surfaces and more. Learning how to claim space nonverbally with your own body is a wonderful tool to have in your belt. Through understanding, working together, and having fun with new tricks, a greater bond can form, and it is always fun to show off to friends too!

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    AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification Training - $150

    The creme de la creme in canine training comes in the form of an official certificate from the American Kennel Club. In these classes, we'll drill the items necessary for your canine to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification.


    These classes are one hour long and held for six consecutive weeks - available on Monday evenings.


    For more information about the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification process, please click here to visit the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Website.

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    Have Fun With Rally - $135

    In this class, you will continue learning how to work as a team. By incorporating the obedience you learned from E-DOT’s Level One and Two Obedience classes along with the Advanced Perfect Your Skills class you can now have fun and move more freely while striving to work even more as a team with your pup.


    Even if you do not plan to compete, the Have Fun With Rally class offers you the ability to continue building that beautiful bond with your dog and have fun doing it. These classes are hour-long and held for six consecutive weeks - available on Thursday evenings.


    For more information about the AKC Rally Obedience program please click here: https://www.akc.org/sports/rally/get-started/.

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    Walk as a Pack Classes - $120


    There are three levels of Pack Walking classes, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level runs for four consecutive weeks and is 45 minutes a session. They are available on Wednesday and Saturday Mornings.


    Each class focuses and specializes in developing you and your dog's skills regarding walking together in heel position with a loose leash, increasing your focus work (having your dog's attention) as well as allowing your dog to settle with you no matter what is going on around them. Depending upon the level is whether you are working in the facility and on E-DOT’s property or going out and about to parks, sidewalks, and stores.


    If you feel you are not quite ready for walks with other dogs we offer one-on-one private walking sessions as well that can give you a firm foundation to join our pack walks in the future. Click Here to find out more.

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    AKC Fit Dog - Walk As A Pack Class

    Are you and your dog ready to join a pack walk? Come gather with other dog lovers of every month at 3 and enjoy exercising with your dog. This is not a teaching class, and instructors will have their own dogs to walk with the pack. We meet at different sidewalks, trails, or parks each week, and you can walk for as little or as long as you want. Each dog and handler in the group take a turn leading “the pack” at their own pace.